Language learning solution that shows definition of the words you are not familiar with.(English)

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Read without having to use a dictionary on the side with DalRead

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User review

It was a struggle reading books and using dictionary to look up the meaning at the same time. It felt like I was reading the dictionary and not the book. But with DalRead, I can read a book smoothly because it shows meaning of the words I'm not familiar with. Now, I can read any books that I want.

- Yoon From Seoul

I gave up learning Japanese due to Kanji. Some Kanji has several meaning and different pronunciations, and I felt like I'm learning Chinese. But DalRead taught me the proper pronunciation and the meaning.


The best way to learn a foreign language is by speaking and practicing it.

BUT you can't master without Reading.

- DalRead

Who needs this solution?

Those you need to expand their vocabulary.

Having a broad vocabulary is essential for reading! This app/website will help you practice reading, speaking, and learn new words.

Those who says it is easy to read, but don't understand what they're reading.

Everybody's proficiency level is different. DalRead can optimize your personal data which suggests reading articles that suits your comprehension level.

Those who started learning, but was discouraged due to Chinese characters (Kanji)

Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, DalRead aids those who are having a hard time with pronunciation. DalReady gives you the option to add pronunciation on the Chinese words that you know the meaning, but not the pronunciation.

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  • Dictionary translation  Note: In case you found a missing or incorrect word definition, add/edit the definition and save it.
  • Request for your preferred display language  If the language you prefer to set as default is not on the list, submit your request by clicking the icon on the left.